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invizimalsshadowzonecoverWelcome to the site for Invizimals: Shadow zone. This page contains a list of all known information for the second game of invizimals. Have a fun hunt!


After the events at the Viper's Nest (Invizimals 1), the invizimal hunting team sets off and goes back to Barcelona. They decide to start their researches all over the world again, but first, they meet up with miss Michaels. After this visit, the team goes to the airport.

In the beginning, Kenichi doesn't want to join the team because of the madness. Here comes the first tournament. If you win, Kenichi will join the team on this adventure. Jasmin and Kenichi receive their airplane tickets from Doc Dawson. He goes to Mexico, Jasmin goes at India and Kenichi researches take place in Cairo. The researches seemed to go on very well... But then weird things start taking place…

List of invizimals

Here follows a list of all invizimals from shadow zone.

  1. Archaeopteryx
  2. Axolotl
  3. Bandolero
  4. Bratbat
  5. Calc-Owl-Ator
  6. Chupacabra
  7. Crocorilla
  8. Crooky
  9. Desert dragon
  10. Dimetrodon
  11. Draco
  12. Fire dragon
  13. Firecracker
  14. Flameclaw
  15. Glaucus
  16. Goldbug
  17. Gotica
  18. Griffonator
  19. Ha Ha Yena
  20. Hammershark
  21. Headhorn
  22. Hilltopper
  23. Hipporockamus
  24. Hydra
  25. Ice dragon
  26. Icelion
  27. Jungle dragon
  28. Jungleus
  29. Koi
  30. Kriller
  31. Kukulkan
  32. Meep Meep
  33. Mosasaur
  34. Nautilus
  35. Ocean dragon
  36. Ocelotl
  37. Orca
  38. Pahoehoe
  39. Pesci
  40. Phalamos
  41. Qinling
  42. Rattleraptor
  43. Roboquito
  44. Rock dragon
  45. Sabretooth
  46. Sackboy (the secret invizimal)
  47. Sanctacaris
  48. Sandflame
  49. Shapeshifter
  50. Shenlong
  51. Shizoku
  52. Steeltail
  53. Stingwing
  54. T-Rex
  55. Tigershark
  56. Triceratops
  57. Unicorn
  58. Xiong Mao
  59. Xue Hu
  60. Yeti

Lazer puzzle solutions

This list contains the solutions for the lazer puzzles.

  1. ​Repair your PSP
  2. Repair the catalog
  3. Repair the GPS signal by Alex
  4. Protection against the dark PSP
  5. The pyramid of Cairo
  6. The tower of Saint Michael - part 1
  7. The tower of Saint Michael - part 2
  8. The dark mine
  9. Map of the dark abyss
  10. The dark desert map
  11. The dark jungle map
  12. The dark mountain map
  13. Vipers nest

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