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Diamonds are the hardest material on the earth. In fact, they say diamonds are forever. Now, imagine an invizimal dragon, with his full skin covered in diamonds, head to toe. No need to cover, no need to run away: if you own one of them, chances are he want get scratched in combat easily.

Diamond Dragon

Capture Diamond dragon

Here follows how to get Diamond dragon in each game.


No information.

Invizimals shadow zone

No information.

Invizimals the lost tribes

Not information.

Invizimals the alliance

You have to use a trap to capture Diamond dragon. With this trap you will even get to level it up yourself. Here follows how to use the trap.

  1. In the main menu select: Options.
  2. Then select: Extras.
  3. And finally select: Exclusive Content.

Now aim at this trap and follow the on screen instructions.

Diamond Dragon trap

This secret was found by our invizimal hunter: Ejss. Want to be named too? Find a secret and share it with us.

Stats of Diamond dragon level 16

Life 540  
Stamina 190  
Recovery 175  
Attack 260  
Armor 205  
Element Rock  
Sex Female  
Δ Energy 91
O Charge 39
X Energy 39
Slice 65
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